handwoven cotton carpet - luck

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these handmade, colorful rugs by lili pepper are sure to beautify your home! the panza technique is one of the world’s oldest weaving methods, and the complexity of this technique means it can only be crafted by the most experienced weavers. instead of using a loom, panza rug weavers work at floor level on a special frame with tensioned yarn. good things take time – and a panza rug takes 10 times as long to craft as a conventional one made on a loom.

please allow 3-5 days for the carpet to arrive in store or at your home when you place an order.

100% cotton




caring for organic cotton

can be washed by hand or with a washing machine (no warmer than 30 degrees if you want to make sure it does not shrink). you should not dry your cotton piece in a tumble dryer as it can shrink. you can remove stains with stain removers and iron as you please. important: never iron velvet! to iron velvet pieces, turn inside out.

what is organic cotton?

cotton is a true fabric classic. it can be worn as a t-shirt, socks, jeans and much more. cotton grows soft and fluffy around the seeds of cotton plants. it does not contain any synthetic compounds and is a very old fabric that has already been used many years ago. 

why love organic cotton?

cotton is super versatile - from a simple t-shirt to knit pants this fabric can do it all! a true classic than can easily be dyed and taken care of.

organic cotton production

1kg of organic cotton needs 8500l of water vs. conventional cotton needing 11500l. the conventional cotton industry is not a very pretty business. make sure to buy as organic as possible - organic cotton uses less water, pesticides, fertilizers, defoliants and growth regulators and is not grown in a monoculture. 


- designed with ♥ in Switzerland
- each rug is uniquely handwoven