meet the brand: zurich montreal

milo stegmann 

based in: zurich, switzerland
founded by: milo stegmann, 2015
products: negroni

from old steamer trunks to negroni; it all started in 2015 when zurich montreal's business was focused on converting old steamer trunks into bars. and the very first steamer trunk they did some magic on had a sticker on it: "from zurich to montreal". and so the brand was baptized. the label then went on to create their own line of super yummy negroni. their handmate cocktails give the classic drink from florence a twist - whether it is through an infusion of coffee, vanilla, or even lavender.
crafted here in zurich with tons of love and attention - you can taste the difference in these delicious cocktails. 

zurich montreal stands for

attention to detail - enjoyment - craftsmanship

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