meet the brand: the munich grain

vanessa hofmann

based in: munich, germany
founded by: vanessa hofmann, 2020 
products: skincare

clean skincare, which not only leaves a beautiful effect on your skin but also leaves you with a clean conscience. this was vanessa's vision for many years. the key to her vision? few, but very effective and exclusively natural ingredients.┬áthat and responsibility: vanessa wants to lead a brand that takes responsibility for its actions but also expects┬áit from its suppliers. all this in order to create a skin routine that works and contributes to a lasting improvement on the skin. all of the munich grainÔÇÖs products are exclusively organic, bottled in glass, and carefully created by hand.
her coffee scrub will give you just the caffeine kick your skincare routine needed!

the munich grain stands for

natural - minimal ingredients - vegan

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