do you know the value of what you buy?

the value of a product is so much more than just the price tag. we believe that the true worth of a product is all the hard work, dedication and love that goes into it. this is why we want to take you on a journey to learn more about everything that goes into a handmade product. 

in the following illustration you will discover the most important work steps of the "vega" cardigan by jungle folk. 

 vega cardigan production process 

key facts about the production:

  • production time of a collection: 1 year
  • people involved in production: a family of 5 in lima, peru plus the jungle folk team in switzerland (2 people)

highlights of the product:

  • the yarn of this product is custom made and consists of different colors of thread
  • this product is knitted on a hand knitting machine

did you know?

  • this cardigan is reversible and absolutely timeless
  • this product has a big social impact because the family that produces this cardigan and other jungle folk knit products mostly lives off of the work they do for jungle folk

words from the founder:

i wish for consumers to have more awareness of how complex is it to build a transparent and sustainable supply- and production chain. especially for small businesses that don't operate on huge scales, the creation of such a construct becomes very expensive very fast.


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