Marta LlaquetElizabeth SabinDamian Augustyniak

based in: barcelona, spain
founded by: marta llaquet, elizabeth sabin and damian augustyniak, 2018
products: sneakers, clothing, accessories

saye is determined to be part of a positive change in the fashion industry. they are devoted to their mission of fair and sustainable fashion. designed in barcelona, their stylish and timeless sneakers are produced in portugal, under full transparency. their manufacturers enable fair and ethical workplaces. as for the materials saye only works with organic and recycled materials, offering also vegan versions of their modelo '89 sneaker. 

one more reason to love saye? they support reforestation by partnering with the ngo 'we forest', planting two trees for every pair of sneakers sold. through this they also empower forest-dependent communities!

saye stands for

recycled - ethical -  reforestation

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