based in: madrid, spain
founded by: javier rodriguez, samuel soria, alfonso de luján, 2014
products: eyewear

when parafina was founded it was clear for javier, samuel, and alfonso that they wanted to bring a product to life that would have the least possible impact on the environment. so the steps from that initial decision were clear. they needed to find either recycled or organic materials for their glasses. and they sure did. nowadays parafina creates eyewear from materials such as recycled plastic, cork, and rubber to name a few. and they always continue to investigate ways to create glasses of high quality, design, and durability in the most sustainable way possible. but they don't stop there. with 'parafina social project' they created their own way of giving back to society, particularly to underprivileged children in paraguay. 

parafina stands for

eco - funky - social

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