yari copt 

based in: lugano, switzerland
founded by: yari copt, 2016
products: shirts

the creator of 'old captain' is a creative chameleon; entrepreneur, musician, radio DJ, and skateboarder are the professions that the talented yari masters. his many crafts have led him around the world and ultimately inspired him to create a brand that encompasses the influence of all his passions. all shirts of this brand are manufactured in a small factory in the south of switzerland. building on traditional swiss quality, these products embody exclusivity, tradition luxury and high-quality. this paired with the fun and unique patterns that this brand develops, makes for some amazing statement and every-day pieces. the philosophy that this label wants to brings into the world is the idea of taking your life into your own hands, being courageous, discovering, following your instincts, working hard, creating and not being afraid to fail. their designs are meant as an inspiration to travel, learn and open our minds. all this beautiful philosophy is literally anchored in the brands logo; an upside down anchor that symbolizes freedom. dare to be courageous. 

old captain stands for

 uniqueness - style - sustainability  

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