meg miller

based in: cape town, south africa
founded by: meg miller, 2017
products: lingerie

no one celebrates femininity like nette rose. founded by meg during her last year of fashion studies, nette rose is a brand that is all about empowering women. starting with the brand name, which comes from meg's two groovy grandmothers: rose and nette. all products are created under ethical conditions in an all-female studio in cape town.

for the production nette rose make sure they rather sell out than overproduce, hence planning their production sustainably. from the materials to the thread and the packaging used, everything is done and chosen with sustainability in mind. all pieces are designed and created under one roof, that's a whole lot of female power. nette rose's vision is captured in a mantra that reads like a poem:

she is a wild one. with a gentle soul. 
who sways to her own rhythm and dresses for herself.

beautiful right? we think so too.

nette rose stands for

florals - femininity - freedom

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