sarah schott

based in: chur, switzerland
founded by: sarah schott, 2020
products: apparel 

marie laure is a unisex brand that creates cool basics with minimalistic details, that you will enjoy for a long time. their sustainability approach is based on three pillars; number one being their production sites in dhaka, bangladesh, which are carefully chosen based on quality and fair working conditions. number two is the decision to only work with organic and recycled materials. and last but not least, the third pillar is their pre-order-only system. this means they don't have stock and only produce on-demand, so to avoid waste. the founder of this brand is sarah, a design graduate, who chose the path of independence early on. her dream is to work from anywhere in the world, surf as many waves as possible, and spread positive energy and laughter. 

stay wild, tiger.  

marie laure stands for

fairness - consciousness - inspiration

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