gliz gliz founding team 

based in: brugg, switzerland
founded by: tom fischer, philipp condrau, lukas kuprecht
products: hangover cure

many of us know this feeling: you've had a great party with awesome music, lots of fun - and lots of drinks. what happens the next day is not lots of fun, the dreaded hangover. headache, nausea, fatigue, and lack of focus. nobody likes a hangover and so many of us resort to painkillers. this swiss trio however believed that there must be an alternative to all those highly chemical hangover remedies out there. and this is the notion that started gliz gliz; the idea of creating a completely natural and vegan product that will prevent a hangover. glizgliz put lots of super powerful natural ingredients into small capsules to ensure that you can enjoy your celebration.

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natural - social - vegan

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