elsien gringhuis 

based in: arnhem, the netherlands
founded by: elsien gringhuis, 2009
products: apparel

this is a label that follows its own rhythm and rules. no collections, no overproduction, and no compromise when it comes to quality. elsien gringhuis doesn't create her work in collections but rather in one ongoing collection that is then bundled in books. these books are regularly complemented by a number of styles, that remain in the book for as long as the fabrics continue to be available. like this, the fashion house makes sure to create high-end quality chic that truly is timeless. and low on waste. another aspect that feeds into the low-waste approach is that all 'elsien gringhuis' pieces are crafted upon order. this strategy makes sure that overproduction, and therefore waste, is avoided. last but not least, this brand keeps it local. every item is crafted 100% in the netherlands and sourced with materials that are as local as possible. 

elsien gringhuis stands for

quality - minimalism - sustainability  

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