bulibasha create unique delicate sandals that are designed for style and comfort. they use natural tropical palm and coconut leaf threads that are hand woven by empowered local communities.

bulibasha embraces artisanal craftsmanship whilst being kind to the environment. they create a sustainable income for rural balinese households where employment would otherwise be unavailable. local communities are engaged through fair trade - making bulibasha a socially driven business. 

bulibasha products are made entirely by hand and one pair of bulibasha shoes can take up to two days to make. new households are taught new weaving skills and the whole neighborhood works together. all artisans work from home and in their own time frame. 

bulibasha is inspired by the moroccan art of weaving and the delicate shoe designs are not only lovely to look at but also super comfortable. bulibasha stands out because they teach new skillsets to people that live in rural areas. bulibasha believe that we are all masters of something, it just takes practice and goodwill to stand out.

"it is customary in the world that high education and young people are valued, but so often we forget about the majority of people who are now older and have missed out on the opportunity to continue their education. this is what we aim to change. because we truly believe that having a skill is a new power movement for people of all ages!"