do you know the value of what you buy?

the value of a product is so much more than just the price tag. we believe that the true worth of a product is all the hard work, dedication and love that goes into it. this is why we want to take you on a journey to learn more about everything that goes into a handmade product. 

in the following illustration you will discover the most important work steps of the "hand & body soaps" by circle soaps. 

hand & body soaps production 

key facts about the production:

  • production time: 4 weeks for one batch of approx. 120 soaps
  • people involved in the production: 1 person

highlights of the products:

  • all ingredients are plant-based and vegan. emma, the creator behind circle soaps, tries to buy all ingredients as low waste as possible and with as little plastic as possible.

did you know?

  • a soap might be labeled vegan but this doesn’t necessarily mean that all the actual ingredients are vegan. that's why it's so important for consumers to ask questions about what they buy.

words from the founder:

in comparison to industrial products, handmade products take so much longer to make and cost more. furthermore, it's really hard to reach a good consistency when making products by hand.


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