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moon | night blend
release the warmth and anchoring scent that is cedarwood with the undertones of bergamot to soothe your spirit in the evenings.

ingredients: lavender, cedarwood, bergamot essential oils

how to: disperse 5 drops into your diffuser with water.

    About the brand

    courtney kirby

    based in: melbourne, australia
    founded by: courtney kirby, 2014
    products: wellness/self care products

    created in 2014 this brand started as an online store for courtney kirbys art, where she occasionally also shared her knowledge on essential oils through the 'courtney and the babes blog'. spreading her love for essential oils lead to offering her handmade products on a larger scale. all c+b products are made by hand with love in small batches by courtney in her studio in melbourne. her products, which she creates from mindfully selected and ethically sourced essential oils and botanicals are for everyone - from babies to their parents. 

    courtney and the babes stands for

    care - joy - calm

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