it's fashion revolution week and this year it's all about fair wages and working conditions. this of course is a subject that's very dear to us and we, therefore, decided to support this year's fashion revolution week with an educational project.

a product's worth

here's some food for thought: when you buy clothes and other goods do you know who made them? how much attention do you pay to the materials you buy and the stories behind the products you purchase?

ultimately the question is: do you know the value of what you buy?

the value of a product is so much more than just the price tag. we believe that the true worth of a product is all the hard work, dedication and love that goes into it. this is why we created the project "a product's worth".

the journey behind the product

often when we purchase something, for example clothes, it's really hard to imagine all the work that goes into sewing a garment as we're not familiar with the craft. let us shed a light on some beautiful crafts and creators for you. head over to our project page to read about the production stories of selected products. 

illustrations by nini por el mundo
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April 20, 2022 — Nadia Baldelli