face mist - rosewater

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rosewater is the perfect addition for all skin types. made from distilling rose petals and water, it helps balance skins pH levels, soothe irritation, hydrate, calm redness, promote healing and benefit aging skin. plus it smells so lovely you can hardly stop spraying it - trust us!

skin types:
- all skin types
- sensitive skin
- maturing skin
- acne prone

to use:
spray 2-3 times on face throughout the day when desired. after cleansing, when you wake up, go to bed, or anytime you want a refresh. store in a cool, dry location for maximum longevity.

ingredients + benefits:
rose hydrosol*: soothing, anti-inflammatory, reduces premature aging, soothes irritated skin, reduce redness, balances skins pH levels

*certified organic

our skins pH levels average at 5.5 (0 being acidic and 14 being alkaline). we can strip our skins pH levels by using soaps, cleansers, makeup, moisturizers. even water has a 7 pH that we rinse our face with. by misting your face with rosewater, it can help bring you back to balance. staying in that 5 range will help protect your skins acidic mantel which then protects you from bacteria and breakouts!