premium grade matcha - 10g - organic

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sweet and earthy straight from uji, japan. shooting you straight to paradise kicking up the energy and calming down the mind. this portion is perfect for the number one - you! this little bag will give you up to 10 servings.

premium grade matcha taste: rich, sweet and earthy
ingredients: 100% matcha green tea powder
caffeine: yes! minus the jitters and crash
producer: small family farms
harvest: premium 1st (ceremonial grade matcha) and 2nd harvest
elevation:  23 meters
process: hand-picked, steamed, dried, destemmed, deveined and stone-ground
shading¬†Honzu shaded for ¬Ī 20 days
packaging: packaged in sustainable and 100% recyclable packaging. m
ade from post-consumer recycled trees and printed with vegetable ink. only the good stuff.

how to use:



scoop 1 teaspoon of matcha into a bowl


add 100 ml of hot water (80 ¬įC)


whisk together, enjoy!